Open Cup XIV Challenge League results
22 November, 14:08


Last weekend Challenge Cup IV took place, which concluded Challenge League: Warface Open Cup Season XIV. This league was comprised from four consequent stages (Challenge Cup I—IV). Warface Open Cup: Season XIV proceeds.

Wild Card is next, its matches will take place on the 15-16th of December. By watching the stream on the promo page you'll automatically become a participant in the draw game. The draw game will last till the stream is over. Enjoy the matches, and may you be the lucky one! You can check the schedule on eSports website.

So which teams prevailed in Challenge Cups and got a shot at Wild Card? Have a look!

Hussh Gold_Diggers
WhoIsNeys Fatalis
RGC.InFamous FreakShow
NutE Str8K4sh

Wild Card will filter the strongest squad that will go to LAN-Finals. 16 teams will battle for this right.

  • 2nd to 9th places of Masters League
  • 1st and 2nd places of Challenge Cup I-IV

All the games of this stage will take place according to the Double Elimination system in the Best of 3 format. The teams will be allocated in the tournament bracket according to their achievements throughout the 14th season of Warface Open Cup. The winners of Challenge Cup and the silver medalists will be allocated in the bracket according to the draw game that will take place on the 13th of December at 21.00 UTC. We are planning to stream the draw.

Note that the participants of the tournament will have a special achievement – “Warface Wild Card”.

Reminder: Prior to the matches the team captains should check if all the team members have downloaded a special game client and can enter the tournament server. 

Communications with judges and tournament notifications will take place on eSports Discord.