Open Cup XIV Masters League results
14 December, 12:37


Last week the final stages of Warface Open Cup Season XIV: Masters League took place. Wild Card is about to begin - so prepare for some spectacular matches on the 15th to 16th of December. 

By watching the stream on the promo page you'll automatically become a participant in the draw game. The draw game will last till the stream is over. Enjoy the matches, and may you be the lucky one! You can check the schedule on eSports website.

Masters League 

In Masters League 10 strongest Warface teams played 45 matches in a circular system. Each squad met every foe once - and got points according to the results. Tilted dominated the battlefield and got direct quota to Warface Open Cup LAN-Finals.

Eight teams from the 2nd to the 9th places are forwarded to Wild Card, where they will face the finalists of Challenge League for another ticket to LAN-Finals. These matches will take place this weekend, so cheer up your favourite players!









Wild Card

  • 2nd to 9th places of Masters League
  • 8 teams that have scored first and second places of this season's Challenge Cup

Thus, 16 teams will be distributed in the tournament table according to the achievements during Warface Open Cup Season XIV. All games will adher to Double Elimination system in the Best of 3 format. This means that teams that lost once are sent to the lower bracket  and those that lost twice - have to leave the tournament. The only exceptions are the teams that have reached the finals.


All times are in UTC.
  • December the 15th,  13:00 – tournament starts.    
  • December the 16th,  13:00 – tournament starts.

Note that the participants of the tournament will have a special achievement – “Warface Wild Card”.

Reminder: Prior to the matches the team captains should check if all the team members have downloaded a special game client and can enter the tournament server. 

Communications with judges and tournament notifications will take place on eSports Discord.