"Syndicate" tournament
26 December, 16:28


"Syndicate" Battle Pass continues the tradition of themed tournaments.

Every player that gets access to "Syndicate" can assemble a squad and challenge other teams to battle for glory.

About "Syndicate" tournament

The main sub-tournaments will take place in team modes of "Plant the bomb" and "Blitz", yet there will also be a sub-tournament in "Battle Royale". "Syndicate" tournament will start soon after Warface Open Cup Season XIV LAN-Finals take place. Battle Pass participants above 16 years old will thus be able to access three tournaments. So if you aren't a member of "Syndicate" yet - time to fix it!

Get access

The participation in such tournaments may be the first step in the global eSports career and lead to numerous fans and worldwide success. Don't miss your chance!

The participants can obtain in-game prizes and of course achievements.

For participation in "Syndicate" tournament For the third place  in "Syndicate" tournament  For the second place  in "Syndicate" tournament  For the first place in "Syndicate" tournament 

We will tell you more about this tournament in our future articles, stay tuned!