Team overview

Team status:

Main team

Nickname in game Country Role Nickname on site Participation status
1 Kubre Antarctica Captain Kubre
Joined team
2 Mattje. Poland Player Matt
Joined team

Tournament participation

Tournament Result
Warface Syndicate PTB: Playoff Eliminated from round: Round 3.
< NOBRAIN (0:2)
Warface Syndicate: PTB Cup II Eliminated from round: Playoff.
< Teletubbies
Warface Syndicate: PTB Cup I Eliminated from round: Round 9.
< NOBRAIN (9:11)
Warface Open Cup: Season XIV. Wild Card Eliminated from round: Round 1.
< WhoIsNeys (0:1)
Warface Open Cup: Season XIV. Masters League Group 1
Place: 6
Warface K.I.W.I.: Playoffs Earned 5 place
Warface K.I.W.I.: Open Qualifier I Eliminated from round: Playoff.
< Tilted
Warface Open Cup: Season XIII. Challenge Cup II Eliminated from round: 1/8.
< PolarAce (7:11)

Roster changes

Date/time Description
07.05.2019 21:04 lolk3k4ebor3k was removed from the team
21.04.2019 04:20 Pr0__ was removed from the team
20.04.2019 22:16 Ingimasi has left the team
03.04.2019 20:37 Matt joined the team
28.03.2019 19:50 Zeta has left the team
28.03.2019 19:42 Zeta joined the team
13.03.2019 04:34 Vidosik has left the team
11.03.2019 00:47 Zeta2000 was removed from the team
11.03.2019 00:00 AmaZeD has left the team
26.02.2019 01:35 Vidosik joined the team