EZ Cup #31: Asia CTF
Tournament run dates
07.12.2018 – 07.12.2018
Single Elimination

1. General rules

1.1. Server: Europe

1.1.1. In order to participate in the tournament, please make sure you have indicated your EU account in the profile on esports.my.com

1.2. Permitted game modes: ‘Capture The Flag’

1.3. Permitted team composition: 5 core players (mandatory), 2 substitute players (optional)

1.4. Tournament maps

  • Quarry
  • Breach
  • Construction
  • Deposit
  • Longway

1.5. Players need to have an account of rank 20 or higher.

2. Permitted gear and items

2.1 All weapons, items and gear available in the game.

3. Prohibitions

3.1. Players are prohibited from:

3.1.1. Using other players computers to participate  access the server.

3.1.2. Participating  playing for a team, if they are not a registered core or substitute member of the said team; team roster cannot be modified after registering

3.1.3. Participation in EZ Cup and GGWP Cup at the same time.

3.1.4. Behaving in a disruptive or offensive fashion, whether aimed at other players, the referees, the community or the Staff.

3.1.5. Deceiving or providing false information to other players, referees or the Staff/Organizers.

3.1.6. Breaching the Rules. This may lead to disciplinary actions up to the disqualification.

3.1.7. Abusing any bugs, using any prohibited software, abusing loopholes to work around the aforementioned, in-game or any other rules.


4. Disciplinary actions

4.1. All disciplinary actions may vary in each case per administrator’s discretion.

4.2. Violations of the listed sections will result in the following disciplinary actions:

  • Section 3.1.1 – the team will be disqualified
  • Section 3.1.2 – both the team attempting to use an unregistered player (or a player not in their roster) and the player will be disqualified
  • Section 3.1.3 – the team or the player will be disqualified
  • Sections 3.1.4, 3.1.5 – will lead to a warning being given to the team, subsequent violations will lead to disqualification; teams/players violating this Section may also be banned from participating in the current and/or future tournaments.
  • Section 3.1.6, 3.1.7 – may result in a disqualification of the team.

4.3. All disciplinary actions are final and are not subject to public discussion.

5. Match conditions

5.1. The disconnected player is allowed to reconnect to the game in the time frame given by the system

5.2. If the connection still fails, the match does not stop. The team can make a substitution from the list of substitute players from the application.

5.3. Teams have 20 minutes from the start of the match per official schedule and referee’s decision to be present in full roster of 5 players, core or substitute; if the team is unable to do so, it is assigned a loss. 

5.4. In case of a disconnect before the first round is started / first kill is made (the loading screen, etc); the match is restarted. The match must be restarted within 2 minutes from the crash; the match can not be restarted more than 3 times. If a team uses up its restart limit or fails to restart in time with a full roster, it is assigned a loss.

5.5. Blocked players cannot participate in the tournament.

5.6. Organizers have a right to change the team’s names, their logos and rosters, as well as the nicknames if needed. 

6. Appeals

6.1. All appeals must be submitted within 20 minutes after the match is finished; all appeals are to be submitted by the captains only on Discord.

6.2. The appeal must consist of: the reported player’s name, time and reason/suspicion the complaint is based on. 

6.3. The referee may choose one or multiple disciplinary actions per their discretion, ranging from verbal warnings to disqualification.

6.4. Any discussion of the decision made by the referee may result into the disqualification of the team.

7. In case the team is assigned a loss due to the technical reasons (as mentioned in 5.3. and 5.4.), the score of the match is 1:0.

8. Additional conditions.

8.1. All captains have to be online half an hour before the Tournament starts.

8.2. Discord messenger is the program used to communicate with the judge. Participants should provide their Discord ID in their esports.my.com profile before registering for the Tournament. To contact the judges, team captains must join the Discord server — WFEsports.

8.3. All captains have to remove the “Do not disturb” mode and have free slots in the friends list.

8.4. Before the match starts, the captains’ responsibility is to choose the game room. After the match ends, the captains upload the screenshots of ending screens in a special Discord channel. The final score and the nicknames of the representatives of both teams should be visible on the screenshot.

8.5. The screenshots of the ending screen should be uploaded not later than 10 minutes before the next round.

8.6. If both teams did not upload the screenshots, the match is considered to be incomplete and both teams are assigned a loss.

8.7. Captain choose on their own whether to allow “Free join” in their Game Room.

8.8. The team that is assigned a technical loss on any stage of the tournament is automatically deprived of all rewards for the tournament.


9. The tournament has a play-off system.

9.1. The number of participants is limited. No more than 32 teams can take part in Fun Cups.

9.2. The tournament requires at least 4 teams. 

10. Match organization.

10.1. The team captain has to add the enemy team captain into his friend list.

10.2. "Overtime, "“Friendly fire” and “Locked camera” should be switched "On" in all matches.

10.3. 2 teams of 5 players take part in each game.

10.4. All matches are “Best of 1” (the team has to win one game to win)

10.5. Maps are chosen by banning. The right for the first ban is determined by the tournament system on the match page. The team that has banned the map first also chooses the starting side in the match.

10.6. The condition for winning the match is the victory in 11 rounds.

10.7. If after 20 rounds the winner is not determined (the score is 10:10), the game continues until the advantage of one of the teams reaches 2 rounds. Sides are switched automatically each round.

11. Tournament schedule

11.1. Matches start at 19:00 HKT (UTC+8)

11.2. All matches have to be played through till the next round begins.

11.3. Tournament schedule can be changed if there are fewer registered teams.

11.4. Draft results and the Tournament grid will be published in the day of the tournament.

12. These rules may be changed, corrected or modified by the Staff at any stage or point of the tournament with an appropriate highlight on any or all official Warface channels or servers (Site/Forum/Esports Site/Discord/Facebook).

13. Winners of  Warface Open Cup: Season XIII. Challenge Cups and Masters League participants are not allowed to play. List below:

M4KS., Mazy, Aerondight, domzkilla96, .Crowned., Rogue-, r0bb, Dezi, _eXel., patt, Eviana, faeke., Gralian, kymz, Hyper_SKuLL, Alphrum, dolomite, Dubbeh, Hashtag., AmaZeD., RojeS, Mattje., Pannzuu., SimBa*, So3datel, NotVenom, Vanndam, LuckyLuke., Pr0T3ST_, NoEasY, Spra, .Diabolik., _DaRo_, Mentrii, Synkmaster, *_EXO_*, TugaShot003, IpOd, sinistr0, MiGAS_, Botox-, Kubre, Kenzo, ZziploxX, Fadae, dozaa, Maniaci, AceKey, .Slow, TheSlumpGod-, Scarlxrd-, _adameTTi, _aimeTTi, M-E-2, Trouwn, Skyfall-, Raydef, Broadwayy, Chippiee, Asmatikus, Ridget, .Montyy, .Acafed., Toti., Ryan-, ZoiD., NotPinolo, Kr0wN.